Forward Thinkers of the Web Unite!

Adam Daw,Head of Engineering at CoVenture
Chris Ng,Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn
Evan Savage,Developer Fellow at Code for Canada
Georgiy Shibaev,Founder at Mauve Software Inc.
Alexandra Sunderland,Software Developer at
Guillaume St-Pierre,Software Developer at Manifold
Jean-Luc Martin,Senior Software Engineer at InVision
Joel Lord,Developer Advocate at Red Hat OpenShift
Laura Duggan,Front End Engineer at SurveyMonkey
Mat Dupont,Software Developer at
Keith Brewster,Senior Developer, Digital Products, Media Operations at CBC/Radio-Canada
Nicole Tibaldi,Engineering Manager at Gatsby
Nir Kaufman,Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies at 500Tech
Rosalind Wills,Senior Software Consultant at Rightpoint
Steven Musumeche,Senior Software Engineer II, Architect at Formidable

Topics include:

A new state of mind: Building better web apps with finite state machinesPassword Protecting Your Static Site Without A ServerMap All the Things with Mapbox GLLocal-First CyberspaceFrom 0 to 60 in 2,592,000 seconds: How to quickly get engineers up to speed on your teamMinimum viable storiesWhen and how to use a MonorepoContainerize All The Things!It’s a match! What makes developers swipe right on Design SystemsState Machines: Pulling back the curtain on a robust UIHomeless to Developer: The Awkward Art Of Stumbling Your Way Into A Tech CareerLeadership 101: How to turn 'junior' into 'senior'Become a JavaScript Electronic Music ProducerGit Good - Getting the Most Out Of the Git CLIGame of Types: A Song of GraphQL & Typescript

Upcoming Forward Workshops

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Mastering State Management In React with Redux & TypeScript
w/ Nir Kaufman

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Deploy Microservices with Red Hat OpenShift
w/ Dave Nugent

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