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Forward Thinkers of the Web Unite!

Adam Daw, Head of Engineering at CoVenture
Eric Adamski, Full-Stack Developer at MB3
Guillaume St-Pierre, Software Developer at Manifold
Karim Alibhai, CTO at NxtGenDevs
Ben Wiley, Software Developer at Autodesk
Taswar Bhatti, System Architect at Gemalto
Georgiy Shibaev, Technical Lead at Aetonix Systems
Christopher Ng, Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn
Mat Dupont, Software Developer at
Leta Keane, Assistant Instructor at Turing School of Software & Design
Guy Royse, Developer Evangelist at DataRobot
Alexey Shpakov, Senior developer at Atlassian
Martin Split, Developer Advocate at Google
Kelly Andrews, Senior Developer Advocate at Nexmo
Steven Hicks, Senior Engineer at Artsy
Brian Childress, Master Software Engineer at Capital One
Galen Corey, Software Engineer at Simple Contacts
Matthew Ratzke, Co-Founder/Founder at Cannabit/Degree9
Brad Urani, Staff Engineer at Procore
Sarah-Jane Morris, Founder and Principal Consultant at Listen Community Consulting
Rey Riel, Developer Evangelist at Qlik Inc.
David Nugent, Developer Advocate at IBM

Upcoming Forward Workshops

On the days before and after the conference, we'll hold in-depth workshops with top instructors.

April 9, 2019
Building Your First React App
w/ Steven Hicks
April 9, 9:30am - 4:30am

In this full-day workshop, you’ll learn how to build a single-page app with React. We’ll discuss the fundamentals of React development, the “React” way of building apps, and suggestions for writing maintainable React code. You’ll get hands-on experience with JSX, React Router, state management, hooks, and testing tools like Jest and react-testing-library. We’ll be creating an app to manage all the adorable kittens in our lives. The React landscape is extensive, and we can’t cover it all - but you’ll leave this workshop feeling confident to build your next app with React. This session includes a healthy balance of instruction and hands-on activities. Experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required. You’ll need Git v2.15.0 or higher, NodeJS v8.9.4 or higher, NPM v5.6.0 or higher, and a text editor of your choosing.

Building Your First React App
w/ Steven Hicks
April 12, 2019
Build Your Own Serverless Applications
w/ David Nugent
April 12, 9:30am - 12:00pm

Description TBD

Build Your Own Serverless Applications
w/ David Nugent
Data-Driven Applications Workshop
w/ Rey Riel
April 12, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

More information TBD

Data-Driven Applications Workshop
w/ Rey Riel

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