Some of our amazing sponsors are hiring!

Software Engineers, Front End
Carbon is looking to hire an amazing engineer to help build our customer-facing software, primarily focused on a a single-page browser application that enables users to visualize, manipulate, and print complex 3D digital models. You'd be working with a small team on modern technologies, using interesting algorithms and data structures not normally seen in typical "front-end" Web apps. Depending on your interests, you'd also get to work on complementary back-end technologies in different languages, both on single-machine and cloud configurations.
Senior Node.js Developer
Tierion is a proof engine. We’re creating a global platform for verifying any data, file or process. Our vision is a future where the blockchain is the standard for trust and verification of the world’s data. We started by building Chainpoint, an open standard for creating a timestamp proof by anchoring data to the Bitcoin blockchain. Next, we launched the Tierion Network; a global network that delivers Chainpoint as a service. Our work is guided by a simple principle, create useful technology that’s beautifully designed and easy to use. We need your help to advance the development of the Tierion Network, and create innovative products that will have a major impact on the Internet. If you’re excited about working at the forefront of the blockchain industry, we should talk! You should have a deep expertise with Node.js and experience with distributed systems, \blockchain, microservices architecture, REST APIs, and software library development. We’re seeking team members with strong development experience, a desire to craft highly performant distributed systems code, and are satisfied with nothing short of excellence.
Senior Software Engineer
For this role, we're looking for extremely strong "generalists" who have built complex, high-performance systems and are comfortable up and down the Linux stack. Sample projects could include: precision control of high-performance digital projectors; security and encryption architectures; and algorithms to analyze and process large 3D models. Proficiency with C++ is a must.
Software Engineer, Computer Graphics and Computational Geometry
Carbon is looking to hire a strong software engineer with an even stronger background in graphics and computational geometry to help Carbon design and implement software to design and process futuristic parts -- like the midsole jointly developed by Carbon and adidas -- that can't be manufactured any other way.