ForwardJS Ottawa 2020 Schedule

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A new state of mind: Building better web apps with finite state machines

Adam Daw

Building Maps with Impact on React and the JAMstack

Colby Fayock


Map All the Things with Mapbox GL

Evan Savage

VS Code Tips and Tricks

Sana Ajani


Become a JavaScript Electronic Music Producer

Nir Kaufman

Leadership 101: How to turn 'junior' into 'senior'

Nicole Tibaldi


Scaling a Live Battle Royale Game With Zero Budget!

Em Lazer-Walker

It’s a match! What makes developers swipe right on Design Systems

Laura Duggan


Game of Types: A Song of GraphQL & Typescript

Steven Musumeche

Containerize All The Things!

Joel Lord

Local-First Cyberspace


Password Protecting Your Static Site Without A Server

Chris Ng

State Machines: Pulling back the curtain on a robust UI

Mat Dupont


From 0 to 60 in 2,592,000 seconds: How to quickly get engineers up to speed on your team

Alexandra Sunderland

PoseDance: Build a TikTok Trainer

Jen Looper


When and how to use a Monorepo

Jean-Luc Martin

Train to Tame Toxicity: Improve Apps with Machine Learning

Lizzie Siegle


Delivering embedded JS workloads with Ignition and FedoraIoT

Ryan Jarvinen

Develop on Windows with Microsoft's latest Open Source Tools

Kayla Cinnamon


Git Good - Getting the Most Out Of the Git CLI

Rosalind Wills

$ cli --tools --for all-the-things

Ruy Adorno

Homeless to Developer: The Awkward Art Of Stumbling Your Way Into A Tech Career

Keith Brewster