Test-driven client-side apps
Pete Hodgson
Published 04/06/16

Writing high quality, maintainable client-side code is becoming increasingly important as we continue to move more logic into the browser. This talk will show how unit-testing and test-driven development helps you build better quality code, faster. We'll see examples of building a react app test-first, then look at techniques and tools to solve the trickier parts of unit-testing in JavaScript. You'll see how tdd guides us towards cleaner and more maintainable code, with clear separation between your application logic and the browser's 'ideosnycractic'apis. Pete is a lead consultant at ThoughtWorks. He helps teams get more awesome at delivering maintainable software at a sustainable pace, using agile practices like test-driven design, pairing and continuous delivery. As well as test-driven JavaScript he's also a fan of functional programming, Conway's Law, dynamic languages, hypermedia api design, and brewing his own beer.

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